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Reset your body, mind and soul.


 Deep Relaxation Sound Bath

Immerse yourself in the therapeutic vibrations of sound. Experience sound that will take you on a journey of self discovery and inner exploration. Research has shown that a sound bath experience can reduce stress, improve sleep, improve memory, harmonize your feelings and change old patterns, habits and ways of thinking.

The vibration relaxes the central nervous system. When the central nervous system is relaxed the body can do its work. Mental, physical and emotional blockages are cleared and the body enters a deeply relaxed, meditation-like state. During this time you become open to new ideas that shift you into a richer version of you.

The Moving Joint

Thursday August 29th, 2019

 Thursday August 8th & 29th

7:00-8:00 PM

12813 Venice Blvd.

Venice, CA 90066








Dhyan Karam is a KRI Certified, Kundalini Yoga teacher and certified sound healer. After her first sound bath experience she had the deepest sleep she could remember in a long time. The relaxing, calm feeling carried into the next day. She found her new love. Having experienced the healing vibrations of the bowls she needed to understand this beautiful sound more deeply. Dhyan Karam is a graduate of  Yoga West and The Soundbath Center in Los Angeles, CA.




Experience the therapeutic benefits in the privacy of your own space. If you've had one of those days or are looking to incorporate regular Kundalini yoga and/or sound baths as part of your regimen to live easier send Dhyan Karam an e-mail



Share the incredible benefits of Kundalini yoga and sound with your team. Yoga, meditation and sound healing  relax the central nervous system. When the central nervous system is relaxed people gain mental clarity, think more creatively and problem solve more effectively. 

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Sound bath FAQ’s:

This is my first sound bath, what do I do?

You will not get wet during a sound bath. You will simply be awash in sound vibration. It is a deeply relaxing experience and all you do is lay on your yoga mat or blanket and relax.

What do I wear and bring to a sound bath?

Dress in comfortable clothes as you will be lying on the floor.

Please bring a yoga mat or thick blanket to lie on. Pillows are a nice addition. If you get cold easily bring an extra blanket to cover yourself with.

In respect of the group please refrain from wearing fragrance of any kind.